Wallabag is your private read-it-later server on docker

It's been years since I last used a read-it-later service and I must admit that I've missed it a lot

Wallabag is your private read-it-later server on docker

Having an RSS manager with FreshRSS and gathering multiple news (amongst other) sources is one thing but having the actual time to read interesting articles that land in your feeds is another. There is of course a self-hosted app for that, called wallabag.

Wallabag has an official docker image that makes self-hosting it quite simple, although keep in mind that the backend database choices might overwhelm you. I've setup mine with the sqlite3 option that makes getting up and running as quick and easy as possible. A single user instance doesn't have any special needs and sqlite3 is a great solution for it.

Once you install it on your server you can add articles either through a browser plug-in or with a more secure, and my personal favorite, bookmarklet.

One of the great features of such a service is the fact that it strips out all the garbage found on a webpage and keeps just the main article. This alone is reason enough to install and use it.

If you happen to have some free time for some reading on the go there is an Android app called In the poche. For the iOS fanboys in the crowd there is an App Store app as well.