About me

I've been a computer geek since the Amstrad 464 was a new and exciting machine. I've been messing around with both hardware and software for the better part of my life and there's pretty much nothing involving computers that I cannot handle.

I was a web designer / developer for a decade back when the internet was in the pre-dotcom boom era. I have multiple years of experience in graphic design, event live-streaming, networking, hardware troubleshooting and automation of everything. I love Python, Bash scripting and getting hands-on experience of all the cool new and emerging technologies. I've been a Linux sysadmin for the last 10 years and a Windows and Mac power user for the past 30. I'm self taught and have an enormous drive to always keep learning.

I'm currently running Proxmox on my homelab cluster where my experiments become a reality along with an ssdnodes VPS where this blog and my troubleshooting wiki call a home. Most of the inspiration for my articles comes from these two deployments and I'm all for privacy respecting self-hosted applications.

I'm hoping to keep this place fresh and informative and as a side effect not let my touch typing lessons go to waste.