Portainer Community Edition on docker

Quick and easy management of local docker deployments that runs as a docker container.

Portainer Community Edition on docker

I'm a huge command line fanboy and I tend to always go for the CLi solution to everything but sometimes managing local instances of services needs a bit of a helping hand in order to get a full picture of the state of your server. Usually that means GUI management.

Managing docker through the command line is a fairly simple task but it is also a bit of a hassle once orphan volumes start to build up on your home server and you need to clean things up a bit.

Portainer CE is one of the most lightweight and tested solutions that can give that needed helping hand for your local docker deployments.

The initial dashboard after setup
The equivalent of docker ps on portainer

You can easily spot and clean up unused volumes, forgotten images or networks. Spinning up new docker apps is as easy as pasting your docker-compose file in the stacks page and hitting deploy stack. After that you'll get total control of your newly deployed stack from the portainer gui.