linkding bookmarks manager on docker

Bookmark management made easy. Tag, search and have them available on all your devices.

linkding bookmarks manager on docker

Linkding is a super simple to use self hosted bookmarks manager that has a docker-first deployment model.

I've been struggling with bookmark management for years now having tried buku amongst other solutions. The self hosted solution that linkding offers is the first one that actually makes sense to me and gives me the feeling that I'm gonna keep around for a while.

It has a Firefox and Chrome extension, but can also work with a simple bookmarklet that you add on your toolbar and click whenever you want a new bookmark added.

It uses tags instead of folders and a search bar that helps you drill down what you might be looking for. It also imports the page title and description that you can later edit or you can provide your own while adding a new bookmark.

The database used is sqlite so it is quite low on resources and easy to backup. You have to map the internal directory to your docker host following the instructions or running the docker-compose file provided on the project page.

For the more adventurous among you an API is provided so that you can interface your own app.