Kavita e-book library on docker

Looking for a lightweight replacement for your Ubooquity e-book library? Here's a good one

Kavita e-book library on docker

After realizing that Ubooquity is currently not actively maintained and taking up way too much memory on my docker server, I did a search for similar solutions and Kavita was one of the higher ranking ones.
Using Portainer for the quickest deployment possible I went with the following docker-compose based template

version: '3.9'
    image: kizaing/kavita:latest
      - /home/docker/kavita/books/epub:/books/epub
      - /home/docker/kavita/comics:/comics
      - /home/docker/kavita/config:/kavita/config
      - "5000:5000"
    restart: unless-stopped

The result after the initial user and folder setup is the following

The reading engine works the same as Ubooquity, meaning that you can read your e-books wherever you have a functioning web browser, and your last read page is of course synced.