Grocy home inventory and shopping helper on docker

Keeping track of shopping lists and chores on a professional level. Cellphone app available for barcode scanning and mobile access.

Grocy home inventory and shopping helper on docker

As if having a brand-new RSS reading system wasn't enough for a day I went all out and installed Grocy to top it off.

Grocy is clearly the over-engineered solution to the common problem of grocery list creation, edible products reaching the best before date and the answer to the question of how many more things we need to buy in order to finish a recipe.

The setup was a simple docker run command along with the installation of the Android app that lasted some 30 minutes in total along with debugging as always. I had to opt in to the beta of the app in order to have it work with the most recent version of the server that docker favors downloading.

As usual the app is an empty canvas that needs extensive input at first in order to bring some order to your long-lasting chaos. I'm betting that the benefits come once you have invested some substantial amount of time into it, and you keep your game tight.

Keeping a core set of products under watch, especially the ones with consume by dates should be a good starting point and once you figure out the recipes part and have a good enough inventory setup then magic should happen.

The image is yet again from the amazing team of which means that installation should be a breeze.