Gitea LXD on Proxmox

Your personal GIthub-like experience, with privacy in mind.

Gitea LXD on Proxmox

I wanted to install a self-hosted visual Git repo at home and my first though was Gitlab, since that is what we use at work. After launching the LXD on Proxmox though, I got a server error and I realized that I would have to fiddle a lot to get it working, and it would be a huge resource hog for my simple needs. That's where Gitea came in. The LXD container is available from Turnkey Linux and after the initial setup everything was working fine, with minimal resource usage.

There is a dark theme, yes!

What blew me away while using Gitea was the simplicity of setting it up, the speed and how well it fits the homelab environment. It's a single binary running on multiple platforms, along with Docker. It is written in Go, so it essentially runs wherever Go can be compiled at.

It is your personal Github and having it self-hosted allows you to keep some more private repos without the fear of having your information or code leaked.