Ghost blog engine and Heimdall start page on docker.

I love Ghost blogging engine for the simplicity and the smaller attack vector. Heimdall is a great start page for self-hosting enthusiasts.

Ghost blog engine and Heimdall start page on docker.
Heimdall dynamic start-page is a great way to access your self-hosted apps

It's been a busy day, thus far, where it all started by the need to install Heimdall in order to have a good looking start page on all my browsers and one that would give me centralized access to all my server instances.

A quick search revealed that docker was the fastest way to deploy Heimdall all thanks to this wonderful docker image.

I quickly setup an Ubuntu 20.04 VM on my Proxmox server and installed docker in it, ran the docker run --name heimdall.. command as suggested on the dockerhub page and a whole 700Mb of used memory later (along with the VM and all) I had a fully functioning start page for all my browsers.. Nice!

Next I went looking on dockerhub for anything that seemed interesting to work on and the Ghost blogging engine was a pleasant surprise.

Ghost blog admin page

I created a new docker run script in order to have it ready for upgrades and fired up ghost after the obligatory systemctl enable ghost.service with the /etc/systemd/system/ghost.service file I created earlier on.

The very site you are reading is the one built with this Ghost instance. It's longevity is questionable. It'll be a perfect exercise for both my touch typing lessons and my inability to stick with writing a blog.

I would post an image of the blog but you're actually reading it so simply have a look around.