Ubooquity personal e-book library on docker

All your e-books in one place, HTML5 served on all your screens.

Ubooquity personal e-book library on docker
The dark theme that makes the main GUI a lot more pleasing

Having a self-hosted e-book library, always available on all my devices, has been on the back of my mind for years now and finally the time has come to fill that void.

I love quick and simple apps, so that was the reason I chose Ubooquity over alternatives like Calibre.

The directory view

The docker image is available from the dream-team over at linuxserver.io and setting this one up was as easy as anything that comes from them. You just need a couple of mapped ports and a couple of directories, and you're good to go.

The available features after opening a book or magazine

As far as the actual application is concerned all I can say is that I finally have an all-in-one solution for my reading needs along with an independently built Android client called Kuboo for my on-the-go reading needs. The latter is working properly although not maintained anymore, and you can always use the web frontend of Ubooquity to read all supported formats on all platforms.

If you're looking for the theme I'm using, that would be Dark Theme by Hidea. Other available themes can be found on this ubooquity page.