Navidrome on docker replaced my recent Airsonic setup.

Navidrome is an excellent replacement for the recently defunct Airsonic.

Navidrome on docker replaced my recent Airsonic setup.

After reading about the end of Airsonic development by the maintainer I decided to move my music collection over to Navidrome and I couldn't be happier with the result.

The whole process took just a few minutes, since organizing the actual music folders is the most time-consuming part, and I had that part covered with my recent Airsonic setup.

The playback controls of the Web UI

If you use docker-compose to spin up your servers all you have to do is copy the suggested YAML file to your docker folder and create 2 new folders, data and music, to a location in your home directory, copy over your music collection, and you're pretty much done. You then docker-compose up -d and enjoy the melodies.

Navidrome appears to be snappier than Airsonic, works with substreamer Android app and is compatible with all Subsonic related apps.