Living the sysadmin life

A short welcome to my blog.

Living the sysadmin life
Photo by Michael Dziedzic / Unsplash
It's been a long time coming and this time it's for real.™

I know quite well that rambling to close friends about my daily adventures in tech is quite an annoying habit. The only proper way for me to document and share them with anyone truly interested is through a public blog. This is where this little corner of the internet comes in.

I've been installing and testing software and hardware for more than 30 years now, fulfilling my curiosity with hands-on experience, learning how things like the internet actually work.

This blog serves as a personal journal that also promotes interesting and useful open source software solutions.

Comments are not available yet as I feel like there are some rough edges on my initial tutorials that I should iron out before opening up this platform to the public.

Welcome aboard, I hope to keep you entertained and busy if you are so inclined to test new software along with me.