Jellyfin media server on Turnkey Linux LXD container

Jellyfin is a truly free and open source media streaming server that rivals Plex and is a fork of Emby

Jellyfin media server on Turnkey Linux LXD container

Whenever I'm given the choice between a docker image and a LXD container on Proxmox, I tend to choose the latter since the backup and day to day use of the service contained tends to be a much lighter and streamlined process.

Luckily the Turnkey Linux guys are using Jellyfin as the base of their MediaServer offering, so I obviously went with that one. Once installed apart from Jellyfin you get a Samba server along with SFTP, rsync, NFS, and WebDAV capability in order to cater for a wider variety of devices used for uploading media to the server.

Jellyfin has an accompanying Android app along with a buggier sister app for Android TV and an independent music only player called Finamp.

I've been collecting video tutorials for the past umpteen years, and I was always looking for a way to organize them and be able to stream them anywhere I might have some free time to do so. My self-hosting spree as of late has led me to this fine open source media organizer that also happens to be free as in beer. Plex might be the industry leader in this space but somehow paying 5 bucks a month in order to stream my own videos is not something I would be considering, along with the fact that if Plex servers are down you cannot login and watch your own stuff, that's just unacceptable, for any self-hosted media serving app.

Jellyfin is coming with no strings attached and a truly free app mentality, that would grant a serious donation from my part since I tend to help the developers who respect my privacy and cater for the needs of the user and not of the shareholders.

My initial setup, included a custom folder and view for tutorial use.

In order for your media to be presented nicely some work is needed on your part, primarily naming conventions and image uploading in case your videos don't belong to the movies or series categories. If you're simply keeping well known media on your server than a recognition engine will fill in the possible blanks you might have and make things look pretty for you.

I'm currently using my Jellyfin server over VPN and the speed along with the streamed quality is amazing. You might need to convert some of your older media, although it simply just starts playing while being transcoded, but I'd rather not have my server try harder just to stream a movie or an episode to my mobile devices or TV, so I am considering of either transcoding such material beforehand or go out and find a more modern version.

It's not difficult to promote a free app since anyone can try it at anytime, so why not give it a go now?